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Weird Kid Keeps Saying Clouds Look Like Stalin

Published Friday, December 7th, 2018

According to witnesses on the playground of Woonsocket Elementary, weird little kid Sean Wilbert reported that every cloud looked like Stalin.

“The kids love to lie down on the grass and try to see shapes in the clouds,” said Sean’s third-grade teacher, Mrs. Watson. “But no matter what type of cloud it is or what shape it is, Sean always says that it looks like the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. One was clearly a bunny. We could see its ears and everything. But Sean just wouldn’t budge in saying that it looked like Stalin.”

“We certainly haven’t learned about Stalin in class so I don’t know why he keeps seeing that ruthless tyrant’s form in the clouds,” continued Mrs. Watson. “At one point, I saw him trying to convince the other kids that a cloud looked like Stalin. He was pointing out where he saw Stalin’s mustache, Stalin’s ears, and Stalin’s hair. But I just didn’t see it.”

“Oh and that one looks like Stalin carrying Lenin’s casket at his funeral,” reported Sean.

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