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Wholesome Fight-Club Just People Shouting Constructive Criticism

Published Friday, September 15th, 2017

Sources report that a new fight-club in Providence is pioneering a more helpful and considerate approach to stress release. Every Friday night participants gather in the poorly-lit basement under an undisclosed diner to shout constructive, wholesome criticism at each other.

“This club isn’t a secret,” stated Richard Combs, the founder of the underground ring, “Everyone can talk about this fight-club, because communication is an essential part of understanding where the anger is coming from. People need to let loose so they come to our club and shout out wholesome criticism of other people in return for helpful comments on their own behavior. We’ve come a long way from hurting other people to solve our own problems."

“A lot of people go to fight-clubs to forget who they are” stated fight club attendee Todd Yankee, “But last week someone shouted at me that my dedication to work occasionally means I take myself too seriously, and I think it really helped me discover a lot about myself."

“Last Friday was pretty brutal,” continued Yankee, “Everyone surrounded me and kept shouting that I was fun to be around but occasionally my snarky attitude becomes an unnecessary emotional barrier. I’ve never been constructively criticized like that before, and I’m glad I went”.

Sources report that Providence’s other fight-club, an actual fight-club, is struggling to convince its dwindling members that taking off their shirts and charging into each other is as an effective method of self-care as actually discussing the reasons you would consider doing such a thing.

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