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Williams College Provost Keeps Asking Maud Mandel Why She Hasn’t Deleted Paxson's Phone Number

Published Friday, September 14th, 2018

Sources report that the Provost of Williams College, David Love, keeps asking Maud Mandel why she hasn’t deleted Christina Paxson’s phone number from her phone. According to Love, Mandel is with Williams now and shouldn’t flaunt how attached she still is to her old workplace.

“Maud has talked about Brown from time to time, and don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favor of knowing a colleague’s employment history,” explained Love, "But I think enough time has gone by since she left Brown that she should move on and focus on being President of Williams. I know that she had a special relationship with her former University and that it was an important time in her life, but it still makes me uncomfortable that she scrolls through Brown’s instagram feed every day and comments on all the pictures.”

“She even kept a Brown sweatshirt and wears it at least once a week,” continued Love, who also once heard Mandel quietly crying while listening to the Brunonian Alma Mater. “And I’ve told her several times that we don’t use two-step verification at Williams, but she still refuses to delete her DuoMobile phone app.”

At press time, Mandel was reading Today@Brown in the middle of the night.

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