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Woman Desperately Clings To Her Own Thought As Friends Talk

Published Friday, October 26th, 2018

This past week, sources reported that local woman Cathy Zhou found herself unable to vocalize a great thought she’d had during an animated conversation with three of her friends.

“We were just talking,” Zhou later said, “And then Allison said something that reminded me of this think piece that I’d read that was really interesting. But, the others had this intense back and forth going, and I just couldn’t find a way in.”

Everything her friends were saying went in one ear and out the other as Zhou waited for the right moment to commandeer the conversation.

“If I could have just brought up this article, it would have taken the conversation to a whole new level,” Zhou explained, as she recalled quietly preparing to jump at the first chance to speak up. “The whole time I was thinking ‘Come on, somebody, just pause for one breath so I can sneak this tidbit in!’”

Unfortunately, by the time Zhou was able to speak she was surprised to find that the conversation had moved on to a new topic. “I don’t know when they switched to talking about their favorite types of tea, but it certainly wasn’t what I wanted to talk about.”

At press time, Zhou was copying a link to the article into her friends’ group chat with the caption, “Just read this, so insightful!”

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