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Yes, Ye May Have A Coffee Free, If Ye Can Solve Mine Riddles Three - By Flimgog The Troll, Manager of Shiru Café

Published Friday, September 14th, 2018

Aye, so ye want Flimgog’s coffee for free? Riddle me then, mine Shiru riddles three!

Beginning your quest to quench your dire thirst, attempt, if you’re able, mine riddle the first:

I’m an inbox that’s full
Of mail only for you
And I usually end
What’s my password?

If ye truly desire a drink, free of price, your email address will no longer suffice! Only the clever drink free at Shiru! Prepare, if ye dare, for riddle number two:

Your mother’s maiden name
The town you were born proud
What you called your first pet
Please speak all these aloud.

So ye think ye’ve defeated mine riddles easy? Ye can’t possibly answer riddle number three. Then, only then, will ye get thine free brew! And, perhaps, some networking opportunities too:

I am nine-digits long, on a card I am hid,
I spell out S-S-N when abbreviated
Enter answer below.

_ _ _ – _ _ – _ _ _ _

Blast and befuddle! Ye bested mine game! Thine wit is unmatched and I hang mine head in shame! Take mine coffee for ‘tis free of charge. Mine final fourth question: small, medium, or large?

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