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The Brown Noser

You Should Sit Down Sir, There's Been A Terrible Fire At The Mill And We Think Martha Was Inside.

Published Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Excuse me, Mr. Jackson? Oh no, I wouldn’t like any coffee but thank you for offering. Well, sir, I actually came here to tell you some news and I think you should sit down. You see, there’s been a terrible fire at the mill. The whole place is up in smoke. And, sir… we think Martha was inside.

It seems one of the machines just went and malfunctioned. And because of all the cloth they have in the building, the fire spread real quick. No, Mr. Jackson, calm down! There’s nothing you can do. The fire crew is working real hard, sir. Leave this to them. I watched them pull a dozen people out just in the first ten minutes. So don’t give up hope sir. Martha could’ve gotten out. I didn’t see her there but she sure could’ve gotten out.

Gee, I can smell the smoke from here. I bet it’s gonna color the sky black for days. But anyway sir, I have it on good authority that Martha was seen at the mill earlier today. She was dropping something off for her brother. Sir, don’t walk out the door! You cannot help her. Sit back down. I understand that you have to tell your children but don’t do it until we know for certain.

Oh, and sir, you might want to brace yourself for this one too. I was gonna wait to tell you this but since I’m already in your office… I got another job and my last day will be Tuesday.

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