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Fortune Teller Predicts Man Will Be Scammed in His Present

Published Saturday, February 18th, 2023

Displaying great prophetic and extra sensory insight into the spiritual realm, local fortune teller Magdalena The Mystic predicted that her customer will be scammed in his present.

“Hmmmmm I see….hmmmm…I sEE….you, in a blue shirt,” exclaimed Magdalena the Mystic, holding the hand of the blue-shirted man and scrutinizing his divine palm lines. “Someone is taking advantage of your gullibility. Right now in fact! Yes, I see it clearly. She is holding your hand.”

“Uh huh, this is interesting. Here we have the Trickster, suggesting a great scam. And here is the Fool, implying a profound stupidity. And your last card…..oh this is simply shocking…” said Magdalena The Mystic, convulsing with the energy of a thousand made-up spirits raging through her body. “It is a coupon for your next visit! Please come again and get an extra 10% off your next session!”

After the four minute visit, Magdalena The Mystic escorted the man from her sanctuary and had a vision of him being scammed again the following week.

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