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Garbage Man On Family Vacation Stops At Every House Out Of Habit

Published Friday, March 9th, 2018

Several reports have indicated that local garbage man, Jeremy Garfield, has been unable to relax or ignore work while on vacation with his family in Hawaii. According to his family, Garfield has pulled the car over at every house, turned on the hazard lights and waited for one of his children to get out of the car and pretend they are dumping the trash cans from the curb into the back of the car.

“No days off,” explained Garfield, completely ignoring the beautiful scenery around him to focus on work. “I know I’m on vacation and should be relaxing but I just can’t get work off my mind.”

Sources report that Garfield has also been taking long walks on the beach to pick up trash and showing hotel employees how to properly tie a trash bag.

“I thought this was going to be a vacation away from work," reported Ben Garfield, Jeremy’s son. "But Dad brought his work with him again. I just want to go to a luau without having to hear about the tonnage of trash it creates.”

At press time, Garfield was making the high-pitched ‘beep’ noise a garbage truck makes whenever he pulled over the sedan the family rented from the airport.

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