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Manhunt Is Way Different And Way Cooler Than Hide-And-Seek, Nation’s Seventh Graders Report

Published Friday, September 15th, 2017

Citing the fact that manhunt is played at night which infinitely raises the stakes, the nation’s seventh graders report that manhunt is way different and way cooler than hide-and-seek.

“Hide-and-seek is for kids,” asserted the nation’s seventh graders, appalled that the comparison between the two games would be so ignorantly drawn. “You don’t just run; you have to hide. And you have to be always thinking about where the bases are."

When their parents asked if they had played hide-and-seek when they went over Carson’s house, seventh graders across the country rolled their eyes. They then went on to correct their parents that they had played manhunt which is way harder than hide-and-seek because you can’t stay hidden in the same spot which is especially hard at Carson’s because his backyard has like no trees in it.

“Okay I get where some of the confusion comes from,” said the seventh graders, conceding that the overall goals of the games are similar. “But if anything manhunt is like a more advanced game of tag.”

“Oh, and if you host a manhunt game then you’re a cool kid. Those are the rules.”

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