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No One On Main Green That Good At The Sport They’re Playing

Published Friday, April 20th, 2018

Watching someone kick a soccer ball way over the head of the person they were passing to, junior Shannon Richie reported that, even though there were tons of people playing sports on The Main Green, no one was that good.

“The people playing Frisbee in the middle look like they’re having a blast but I haven’t seen a single one catch it,” continued Richie. “They’re not even standing that far apart but the frisbee keeps flying toward the groups of people sitting on the ground nearby.”

Richie went on to explain that it probably made sense no one on the Main Green was that good since everyone who was good would be playing at the OMac or one of those fields.

“And those guys playing Spikeball over there are trying so hard,” reported Richie, “But they’re not good. Like I see they changed into athletic clothes to play and are taking the game pretty seriously. But they keep batting the ball away.”

“Those two playing catch with a baseball seem like they’re doing fine but it’s not like either of them are throwing very hard or fast,” he said.

At press time, a boy needed two of his friends to help him get up on a slackline.

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