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Student Knows Proposal For Nude Production Of Grease Will Have PW Eating Out Of Palm Of Their Hand

Published Friday, December 1st, 2017

Writing his proposal to direct a show at Production Workshop this winter, junior Darren Mills knew his idea for a nude production of “Grease” would have the PW board eating out of the palm of his hand.

“They love to push the envelope and I’m hand delivering them the envelope to push,’” reported Mills who engineered his proposal specifically to get passed by the student theater board. “Man they’re going to eat this up. It’s ‘Grease’ but it’s nude. It’s not like any other production of Grease.”

“I’m taking a classic but I’m flipping it on its head by making everyone naked,” continued Mills, “PW would never accept Grease on it’s own, but once they see that I want to do it naked they will beg for me to direct. It’ll be revolutionary. Everyone being naked will tear down the conventionality of the original musical.”

Sources close to Mills report that he has been bragging about what a “shoe in” his piece will be once they read how he’s reimagined the “Greased Lightning” scene naked. “I have a wonderful choreographer coming in who is going to give the piece an authentic 50’s feel and everyone will be naked.”

“This is what the Downspace was made for,” said Mills, clarifying in his proposal’s budget breakdown that costumes would not be necessary.“If this doesn’t get me the slot, I don’t know what will.”

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