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You Gotta Try Putting Pesto On Your Pasta, FDA Reports

Published Friday, March 9th, 2018

A study released by the Food and Drug Administration on Monday revealed that you gotta try putting pesto on your pasta. The study which included FDA scientists testing the basil based sauce on various types of pasta concluded that, yup, it’s a good combination.

“Not only is pesto safe for consumption,” said lead scientist Karen Drake, “It can be very yummy on pasta. Research showed that the pesto does not even need to be home-made; throwing a dollop of store-bought pesto will do the trick.”

“We’ve done a series of randomized-control trials and across the board we saw that plain old pasta just doesn’t hold a candle to pasta with a little bit of pesto mixed through it,” continued Drake, referencing a chart that showed that, yeah, just about everyone can enjoy a bowl of pesto pasta. “It doesn’t have to be a lot of pesto. Just a spoonful or two. You want it to get that green color but not be too overpowering.”

The report stated that even if you think pesto is not your thing because you tried it on other food, like crackers or pizza or something, you need to give it a try on pasta.

“It’s so easy," said Drake. "All you have to do is throw a tiny scoop in there and mix it up.”

The study went on to conclude that you should definitely throw a little cheese on top of that pesto pasta but warned that some pestos might already contain cheese and you don’t want to go overboard with the cheese.

At press time, the FDA confirmed that if you have any red sauce lying around definitely use that first because why mess with a good thing?

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