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The Brown Noser

Kanika Gupta


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Report: Jack Johnson Mailroom Playlist Reserved for Rainy Days | Dec 01 2017

Sophomore Rick Dale found that the mailroom reserves its Jack Johnson playlist exclusively for rainy days. In anticipation of last week’s storm, the mailroom allegedly queued up ten hours’ worth of soft rock and acoustic jams to really set the mood while people picked up their packages.

Engineering Students Too Busy Doing Work To Realize They’re In New Building | Nov 03 2017

When asked to comment on Brown’s new Engineering Research Center, engineering student Matthew Kay reportedly shrugged his shoulders and mumbled something about a Materials Science midterm before walking away, apparently unaware he was in a new building.

Student Has Moral Dilemma Deciding What Order to Write Names at Top of Group Project | Sep 15 2017

Unsure whether to prioritize individual contributions to the project or his own friendships with people, sophomore Max Fiegel could not decide what order to write group members’ names at the top of his ENGN90 project. “I must have spent twenty minutes copying and pasting our four names into different orders,” reported Fiegel, adding that he used his knowledge of introductory statistics to figure out how many combinations he’d have to try out.

Freshman Who Says He's From Boston Actually Lives 30 Minutes Outside of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia | Apr 21 2017

Sources on campus report that Josh Baylor ‘20, who has been telling his peers he’s from Boston, actually lives 30 minutes outside of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. “I’m, like, basically from Boston, so this past winter barely fazed me,” Baylor was heard saying while tugging at his Red Sox jersey.