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The Brown Noser

Madame Clementine's Horoscopes

Published Friday, September 15th, 2017

Virgo: Your hard work and concentrated effort will come to a head soon, Virgo. Take some time to breathe and pay attention to the new faces in your life. You never know, one of them may be Seinfeld star Jason Alexander.

Libra: Don’t let your fixation on your career isolate you from others, Libra. Make conversation with the person on the bus and say hi to the man who opens the door for you, one of them will be Emmy nominee Jason Alexander.

Scorpio: You’re a perfectionist, Sorpio. But you don’t have to bear this burden alone. When Jason Alexander offers his help, say yes.

Sagittarius: Now may be the time to find new love or companionship, Sagittarius. In order to see new sights you need to set sail to new ports. Take the chance and go on that blind date, and don’t be confused when you find fictional character George Constanza sitting across the table. It’s not George, it’s the actor, Jason Alexander.

Capricorn: Open up your door, Capricorn, Jason Alexander is outside.

Aquarius: The winds of fortune are not blowing in your favor today, Aquarius. When you go to the bathroom at dinner Jason Alexander will walk by your table and no one will recognize him. You would have, though.

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