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Actor In Old Person Makeup Definitely Going To Be Young Person Later In Movie

Published Friday, March 11th, 2016

Upon seeing Eddie Redmayne play an 80-year-old Paul Revere in the opening sequence of the new biopic The British Are Coming For Me, Moviegoers at Cherry Creek Cinema were not convinced that the actor would remain old for the length of the film. The 34-year-old actor was clearly wearing a great deal of makeup to make him look like an old man, and even walked hunched over with a pronounced limp.

“There’s just no way they’re going to keep him looking like this for the whole film,” said Jennifer Shook, an audience member at the theater. “His whole thing is that he is this hot young actor with a tight body. If they needed someone to play an old man in this movie, they would have just cast an old man actor. This is clearly just so the young him looks like the old him. Also, he’s doing this weird gravely old man voice. No one’s going to want to listen to that for two and a half hours.”

Moviegoer Josh Hendren agreed, stating, “I let my guard down when I saw Benjamin Button and thought, ‘Yeah sure, I guess Brad Pitt is going to be this old, wrinkly man-baby for the entire film’ but no, he grows up into hot young Brad Pitt! No way I’m going to make that mistake again.”

Eleven minutes into the movie audience members were satisfied to see the film cut to scenes of Paul Revere’s early years, where Redmayne could be seen pounding on anvils and falling in love sans old man makeup.

Reviews for the film have been mixed, with critics praising Redmayne’s portrayal of Revere’s accent and crows-feet, but put off by his clear inability to look old riding a horse.

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