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Area Girl Ignores BeReal Notification Because She Not At Party Yet

Published Monday, October 31st, 2022

Sources report that area girl Sarah Miller is ignoring her BeReal because she’s not yet at a party.
“Oh, I got a BeReal notification! I love how this app allows people to share their lives without the fakeness of Instagram and stuff,” said Miller, knowing full well she won’t take her BeReal until surrounded by acquaintances and bathed in colored light. “Though to be honest, I’m not really the type to check my phone all that often, so my BeReals end up like, 22 hours late all the time.”
“Actually, I think it kind of says something about you if you post your BeReal right when it drops,” Miller added, debating whether it would look better to
take the BeReal during the pregame or during the actual party. “Because that kind of means that you’re on your phone constantly, which is not a good look.”
At press time, Miller was busy deciding which of two near-identical selfies she should choose for the seventh slide in her Instagram photo dump.

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