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Area Man Wearing Watch On Inside Of Wrist Like He Navy SEAL

Published Friday, April 24th, 2020

According to observers, area man Tom Girkenstien is wearing his watch on the inside of his wrist like he’s some sort of Navy SEAL.

“Tim always likes to wear his watch on the inside of his wrist as if he’s an elite soldier,” said Brett Kirkpatrick, a co-worker of Girkenstien’s. “I just don’t understand why you’d need to be so tactical when we spend our entire day in an office.”

“He always likes to do the smallest flick his wrist to check the time,” Kirkpatrick continued, noting that Girkenstien’s watch was a rugged Casio G-Shock. “But it’s not like he’s part of a clandestine operation to rescue hostages trapped in an enemy fortress or anything. His life is pretty tame.”

“Sometimes he’ll even click the watch a few times to start a timer,” Kirkpatrick added, noting that Girkenstein always seems to flex his bicep while checking the time. “It’s almost as if he thinks he’s a highly trained amphibious warrior with years of advanced training.“

At press time, Girkenstien had his watch set to military time.

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