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Area Man Won’t Date Anyone With Same Name As His Wife

Published Friday, September 16th, 2016

Saying that such a coincidence “would just be too weird,” local man Vinnie Sainato has expressed that he just couldn’t bring himself to date a woman who shares a first name with his wife. “Every time I’d say the name ‘Maria,’ I’d get this image in my mind of my wife, who’d probably be up late watching TV in bed and waiting for me to come back home from whatever excuse I fed her that evening,” said Sainato, adding that he’d probably feel too awkward to refer to a girlfriend by the name that she’d share with the woman she’d be cuckolding. “Maybe I’d be okay with a Mary, but another Maria? Ew. There can only be one of those in my romantic life.” At press time, Sainato was flirting with a cute guy named Vinnie.

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