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The Brown Noser

Brown Noser to Replace Daily Herald as Campus's Premier Comedy Newspaper

Published Friday, December 1st, 2006

"For 115 years, The Brown Daily Herald has been acclaimed as the only humorous publication on campus. The paper has a rich tradition of comedy, from their amusing spins on campus news to their laughably unfunny comics. Particularly droll have been attempts to remain objective when reporting on hard-hitting issues, such as Daily Jolt posts that discuss ""cats' tendency to lick their own crotches"" and how ""well managed"" SexPowerGod was.

Yasmine Yu '10 said ""The Brown Daily Herald comes off as more of a laughable loser-almost like a Napoleon Dynamite character-than an objective news source.""

On a campus full of witty liberals, why isn't there an alternative source of expository humor? Ian Spector, Editor-in-Chief of the Brown Jug, claimed that ""the Jug has long been funnier than the BDH. The Herald doesn't even try to be funny, while the Jug very obviously does.""

Well, that seems to be the beauty of the Herald. One student commented, ""I thought the Brown Jug was supposed to be funny, but I perused a copy and couldn't find one joke. I read the BDH each day with low expectations of humor and received outstanding results.

But despite its glory, the Herald's reign has ended. It is time for the era of The Brown Noser.

""In The Brown Noser, you'll find articles that are actually funny, not just funny when you read them cynically,"" said Editor-in-Chief Mitch Moranis. ""While students generally get scattered, skeptical chuckles out of the Herald, I think Brown students will find more personal fulfillment and enjoyment from the Noser.""

So what is this Brown Noser? Some address it with skepticism. ""Publications here have tried to be funny before."" commented Jeff Howerton '08. ""Who's to say The Brown Noser will be any funnier than the Brown Jug?""

""What makes the Noser so glorious is that it doesn't try to be funny-it just is,"" responded Steve Daniels, Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Brown Noser. ""Look at the BDH. It's successful because it's funny without trying to be. We are just replicating that, but, you know, actually funny.""

Moranis expanded by noting that ""The Brown Noser essentially takes the Herald and then strips out all of the unfunny material-like the comics. and the words. and the people.""

The Brown Noser reports on myriad topics, but focuses mostly on the Brown campus. Daniels said, ""Brown really offers us more than enough material to satirize, so we don't have to report on many stories off campus for now. The administration does the darnedest things. I mean, what other school purchases more than six buildings in a downtown jewelry district or uproots an entire building so people have more places to walk?""

The big question: are people reading the Noser? You say yes. Because you are."

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