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Casual Acquaintances Who Give Small Nod While Passing On Main Green Pick Up Relationship Where It Left Off In March

Published Friday, September 25th, 2020

According to eyewitness accounts, two casual acquaintances whose relationship consisted entirely of nodding to each other as they passed on the Main Green have picked up their relationship where it left off in March.

“It was a nice, brief nod with a sharp upward movement,” said Jared Mouthsey, one of the acquaintances. “I think he might’ve also tacked on a ‘hey’ somewhere in there.”

Despite this semi-regular greeting being their only regular interaction, the acquaintances took no time to rekindle their distant relationship.

“I wasn’t sure if these five nodless months would tear us apart,” Mouthsey explained, expressing relief at how seamlessly they returned to acknowledging each other in passing. “It’s nice to know that the pandemic hasn’t taken a toll on our relationship.”

The global lockdown has also had absolutely no effect on old high school classmates now in their junior years of college, who still send each other occasional wordless Snapchats of their faces.

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