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Child Playing With Toy Fire Truck Can’t Wait To Grow Up And Be Fire Truck

Published Friday, May 3rd, 2024

Reports indicate that four-year-old child Johnny is always playing with his fire truck because he wants to be a firetruck when he grows up.

“We just find it so great that he already knows he wants to commit himself to saving lives when he’s older,” said Johnny’s mother under the impression that Johnny will take on a human career of firefighting, not chasing an unrealistic dream of shapeshifting into a 20-ton steel vehicle when he becomes an adult. “And what a noble decision it is!”

“We are just so proud of our little boy for wanting to take on such a dangerous and altruistic job,” said Johnny’s father, unaware his child actually just wants to be big red truck that goes weee-wuuu-weee-wuuu, and is quite indifferent about the firefighters themselves. “I don’t know where he gets this selflessness from.”

At time of press, a child playing tennis is counting down the days until she becomes a professional tennis racket.

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