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Consulting Club Members Develop Strong Passion for Consulting

Published Monday, October 31st, 2022

Sources report that members of ConsultingPAX, one of the consulting clubs at Brown, have somehow developed a strong passion for consulting.
“It’s all about the thrill of solving real-world problems," exclaimed e-board member Duncan Klein, completing his fourth hour of data entry of the day. “All of our enthusiastic members show up to our daily meetings ready to engage in the electrifying responsibility of recommending things to organizations. They really make the art of providing opinions to companies and individuals better.”
The club has maintained their mission to create an “inclusive, welcoming, and open environment for any Brown student who wishes to explore consulting” since
its creation. This year, they admitted a whopping 0.02% of applicants, all eager to provide strategies and analysis to corporations.
“We’re all just really devoted to creating positive change in the world through working with companies to solve business challenges,” Klein noted, polishing
his cover letter for a McKinsey internship. “Our multi-billion dollar clients need us to help them analyze how to improve business performance, and we’re thrilled to provide.”
At press time, not a single club member was able to define what they do.

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