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Dad Just Itching To Go Buy Milk

Published Friday, September 13th, 2019

Calling back home to ask whether the gallon of 2% he bought earlier in the week was gone yet, local dad Joe Graham was clearly just itching to go buy some milk. “There’s still a little bit left in there? Can you go smell it to check if we could use some more?” Graham asked his daughter over the phone while waiting patiently in Walmart’s dairy aisle for a reason to pick up some milk. “I’m pretty sure the expiration date on the milk in the fridge is coming up soon. I figure I might as well grab a new gallon while I’m here if the milk at home is going bad or if we’re going to be out soon anyway. You know what I mean?” At press time, Graham reportedly bought two gallons of whole milk “because we always manage to use it up somehow.”

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