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Dance For Grandma! by Grandma

Published Friday, March 11th, 2022

Ah, sweet Josephine, moseying about in your little flower dress! My my, darling, I haven’t seen you in ages. What has it been, four, twelve years? Why don’t you do a twirl for grandma! Come on now, sweet daffodil, show Grandma your special dance! That’s right, dance for Grandma!

Look at you, darling Josephine, prancing around just like you did when you were a babe. Dance, honeydew, dance! It isn’t every day that Grandma gets to see her rosebud do her special fancy dancey! Go on, spin! Twirl again! That’s right, one more time!

Oh, how you used to love dancing for Grandma! But now Grandma is aged and weary, darling sugarplum, and her hearing fades too. All Grandma wants is to hear her dearest apple sing her most favorite song, ‘Teatime For Tabitha’! You remember the one? The one you used to do with your special dance? Dance and sing for Grandma, Josephine! And-a-one, and-a-two…

Yes, that’s it, lemondrop! Sing! Dance! Brava! Dance for Grandma!

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