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Diary Entry De-Railed By Attempt To Spell Enuormuous

Published Friday, October 27th, 2023

Sources indicate that a recent diary entry was completely de-railed by Emma Stoit’s attempt to spell enuormuous.

“E-nuor-muous? E-nor-mus? E-nur-muose?” said Stoit, feverishly sounding out the word while on the verge of a major breakthrough about her relationship with her grandpa that she will now never be able to explore. “Inn-our-mouse.”

“Onn-or-mous? En-or-muo-sse? Inn-or-mus,” continued Stoit, convinced there can’t possibly be that many O’s and in the meantime, completely ruining her shot at gaining insight into her role as an older sister by reflecting on the way her little brother looked at her at grandma’s funeral. “En-erm-uouos.”

At press time, journalist defenately, defiantly? defineteley? definiteley?

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