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Disney Channel Boyfriends Announce Plans To Wear Shirt On Top Of Other Shirt

Published Monday, October 31st, 2022

Popping kick-flips on their skate- boards before homeroom, TV’s Disney Channel boyfriends recently announced plans to wear a shirt on top of a different shirt.
“I was originally just gonna wear one long-sleeved shirt, but then I saw this t- shirt and decided it would be pretty rad if I threw it on top,” said Disney boyfriend Chase Johnson, running a hand through his floppy, dyed-blond hair. “Sometimes I like to put a solid-colored shirt over a striped shirt, but sometimes I like to do two different shades of the same color. Sometimes I even mix and match different patterns!”
“On occasion, I’ll go a little crazy and wear an open button-down shirt over another shirt, usually some kind of graphic tee that alludes to my social status as a dopey but loveable boy-next-door,” Johnson continued, leaning against his brightly-colored locker and clutching his brightly-colored backpack. “But that’s really just for special occasions. Usually, I just like a classic t-shirt over a different long-sleeved shirt.”
At press time, Nickelodeon bad boys announced plans to sign up for Battle of the Bands and get frosted tips.

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