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Entire Class Complicit In Youtube Autoplay Starting New Video During Professor’s Presentation

Published Friday, April 24th, 2020

During Dr. Carol Bisset’s introductory Classics course this Monday, the entire 100 person class was complicit in Youtube’s autoplay function successfully beginning an ad for Jergen’s lotion during the professor’s presentation.

“She clearly had no idea a new video was loading up as she tried to move on,” said student Jeremy Quinn ‘23 of the incident, which was the direct consequence of dozens of students’ cold inaction. “I knew someone should’ve said something, but figured someone else would do it. I guess we all thought that.”

“All Dr. Bisset wanted to do was begin class with a fun a capella parody video explaining Plato’s Allegory of the Cave,” continued Quinn, who was one of 100 complicit bystanders whose passive deferral of responsibility demonstrated the same type of behavior which has allowed injustice to flourish throughout history. “But that Jergen’s ad really disrupted her flow for the rest of the lecture. She seemed really shaken. I doubt she’ll ever show a video again.”

By the end of the lecture, however, nearly everyone took the bold initiative to close out zoom exactly as time was up.

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