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Fifth Grader Asked To Deliver Something To Another Class Acts Like He Embarking On Medieval Quest

Published Friday, December 9th, 2016

Clutching a packet of papers tightly and waving farewell to his friends, fifth grader Eli Marks acted as though he was embarking on a medieval quest after being asked to deliver the papers to another class. “Mrs. Taggart’s classroom is all the way down the hallway, so who even knows if I’ll be back in time for lunch or not,” said Marks, proudly wielding a hall pass as though it was an ancient amulet that granted him invincibility. “There are a lot of obstacles when it comes to deliveries. Last time I had to drop off a note while the janitor was mopping the hall, and you wouldn’t believe how close I came to slipping. One time, my friend Jeremy was delivering some scissors to Mr. Bodner’s earth science class, and he got caught in the current of passing period, and let’s just say the next time Ms. Oglesby needed to give a message to the principal, Jeremy was not at the top of her list.” At press time, Marks was seen forgetting Mrs. Taggart’s room number and looking around for a grown up who could help.

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