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Fuming Student Gives Professor Scathing 4/5 On Course Feedback Survey

Published Friday, April 24th, 2020

Fuming sophomore Jackson Smith recently gave his professor a scathing four out of five on her end-of-course survey.

“I hated that class,” reported a livid Smith. “I knew I couldn’t keep my outrage bottled up — and so I didn’t.”

“Some might say giving her a four on Professor Preparedness was too harsh,” the hothead admitted. “But sometimes you have to take drastic measures to make your voice heard.”

“This class was absolutely horrible,” Smith said, giving his professor a damning four out of five across the board, from Effectiveness of Presentation to Availability of Feedback. “I’ve been looking forward to unleashing my criticism for weeks now.”

“The professor couldn’t have been worse if she tried,” Smith added, harshly but honestly selecting “somewhat agree” on the question of whether the professor was passionate about the material. “I hope this course evaluation forces her to take a hard look at what she’s doing wrong.”

Smith considered giving her a three out of five, but he decided that would have gone too far.

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