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Guy Who Just Sneezed Three Times Not Getting Another "Bless You"

Published Friday, September 14th, 2018

As Dev Kapoor’s spontaneous sneezing fit dragged on with no end in sight, irritated classmates reported that they felt he deserved far less sympathy with each passing sneeze. Other students in the same lecture hall as Kapoor concluded that, after two sneezes, he was not going to get another “Bless You.”

“A couple people said ‘bless you’ the first time," said classmate Aisha Dupont, doing her best to mask the disdain she increasingly felt toward Kapoor. “That’s just good manners. And I said ‘bless you’ the second time too, but I didn’t like doing it.”

“But when I heard him sneeze that third time, he was really pushing his luck,” Dupont continued, “He was totally just begging for attention at that point and I wasn’t going to waste my breath saying ‘bless you’ again. He got the point.”

At press time, Kapoor soon came down with a bad case of the sniffles, stoking further silent resentment from his classmates.

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