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Hit Song Just Man Saying "Party" Over and Over

Published Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Announcing the top 20 songs of the week, Billboard has confirmed that once again “Party” by the Party Boys has topped the charts. The song, which is four minutes of a man saying “party” over and over in a monotone voice, has been hailed for its creative use of the word “party.”

The process of creating the song was reportedly very difficult. The group didn’t like the way the man was saying the word “party,” so he had to keep on saying it until he said it in the right way. When he finally did, the song was finished recording.

According to the Party Boys, the song is just supposed to be a good time. Whether party refers to partying with friends or partying with family, the group hopes its song will remind the world to party.

“People have used the word party before, but never like this,” said local DJ Jerry Lewis. “Other songs have the word in them, but in this one it’s the only word. Because, at the end of the day, that’s all life is. One big party.”

The song has been particularly popular in clubs. Some owners have reported that many nights it is the only song they will play. “I tried playing a different song a few nights ago,” said Mike Wilson, owner of an area club. “Big mistake. The second the people heard a different word, the mood died. Once the song was back, the party was too.”

Despite its commercial success, the song has been met with disapproval from those who believe it is too simplistic. To detractors, “Party” is an indicator of how low standards in pop music have become. Critics contend that just repeating a word is barely a song, let alone a good one.

This is the fourth Party Boys single to make it to the top of the charts. Past hits include “No Party, No Fun,” “When I’m Old (I Still Hope to Party),” and “PART-E.”

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