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"I'm So Overwhelmed With Work," Says Girl Taking Patronus Quiz On Pottermore For Fourth Time

Published Friday, November 4th, 2016

Exclaiming that her workload was out of control, and assuring her peers that she was overwhelmed, Pam Vilkus ‘19, carefully selected her answers on the Pottermore Patronus quiz for the fourth time.

“I have to do three different problem sets by Thursday, and I have a group project due for my comparative literature class that I haven’t even started,” Vilkus explained as she struggled to decide whether she should click “glow” or “shimmer" on the Partonus quiz. “This is all made worse by the fact that I haven’t really slept this week,” Vilkus said as she tried to recall her past answers on the quiz so that she could avoid getting “weasel” as her Patronus again.

“I just need to get through this semester,” said Vilkus, who had been forced to go through the process of making an entirely new Pottermore account each time she retook the quiz. “There are times when I think I should just take a gap year, but I feel like if I did that I would never come back,” she continued as she navigated the magical shadowy 3D Pottermore Patronus experience on her computer. “I shouldn’t have taken four 9 a.m. classes. I just need to learn from this next year.”

At press time, Vilkus could be seen punching her desk and frustratedly reloading her browser after seeing that her Patronus was a shrew.

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