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Jared Leto Still Wandering Hollywood In Joker Makeup

Published Friday, December 9th, 2016

Running a hand through his matted green hair, a bleary-eyed Jared Leto was seen wandering Hollywood still wearing his Joker makeup on Wednesday, sources report.

“‘Suicide Squad’ came out over the summer, so they must’ve wrapped shooting a year ago. Which is odd, because yesterday I definitely saw him stumbling down Sunset Boulevard shouting about how he was gonna hurt someone really, really bad," said Los Angeles resident Brandon McCarthy, adding that he could see the glints from the grills that Leto still inexplicably had in his mouth. "He kept rubbing at all his eye shadow with his fist. I hope he’s okay. Keeping all that white makeup caked on his face for this long can’t be good for his skin.”

Others are worried about the star’s health as well. “You’d think he’d have at least put on a shirt in the time since they finished filming,” said tourist Clara Kershaw, elaborating that even though she knew he was a method actor, she wasn’t expecting this level of crazed dedication. “But the more I think about it, I’m not sure he’s even tried one on. Those tattoos were looking really faded.”

“He’s still pretty ripped, though,” Kershaw finished.

At press time, Leto was seen begging random pedestrians for an Oscar.

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