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The Brown Noser

Kid News - Report: We Were Swimming And We Jumped Off A Rock And Ben Saw A Snake! by Gunnar, Age 9

Published Friday, March 11th, 2022

So we went to the lake and we went in the water and there were fish in the water. And we brought a ball and we played catch in the water and when the ball hit the water it splashed everywhere! We were swimming and we jumped off a rock and Ben saw a snake.

The rock was 1000 feet high and we jumped in the water and I wasn’t scared at all but Ben was a little scared but I already jumped in the water so he jumped in the water too.It was so fun because you fall for so long and then you splash in the water like WHOOOOOSH!

We were swimming after we jumped and Marcus said there were a snakes in the water that swim and we said nuh-uh because snakes don’t live in the water. But Ben saw a snake! And it was under the water and it went away. Ben was scared but I wasn’t scared because the snake went away and it didn’t get close to me.

We swam in the lake all day but then we were hungry and had to get out so we could get bagel dogs! So went and told Counselor Michael that we saw a snake during lake swim and he said no way but Ben totally saw the snake. And then we ate bagel dogs and Lucas put one in his nose!

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