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The Brown Noser

Local Alien Glorp Definitely Just Glard Gliping At Gloop Glop Glee's

Published Friday, October 25th, 2019

According to his friend Glinop, local alien Glorp was definitely just glard gliping at Gloop Glop Glee’s. “Glorp glip glyert glamp; gam goort Gloop Glop Glee glard glip glip! Gloy gloot glurt glrip glon,” said Glinop, while glirt gooping outside of Gloop Glop Glee’s. “Gloop glurt gloom glared gloot gloot gip—glip gloni gloft. Glin Glop Glee’s Glorp glas glar’d gliping gloke Glanchester Glouster. Glorp glant gleven: glard glip glin glis glown glome, glin glaip glop glam Glavada.” According to Glinop, Glorp glard glipped while Gloop Glop Glee’s gurped, causing the goop to glo. At press time, Blip Bloop was blop biping in Boop Bam Bat.

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