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Local Woman Fears The Worst When Unknown Car Uses Her Driveway To Turn Around

Published Friday, September 14th, 2018

Anxiously watching the street from her bedroom window, Andrea Stevenson reportedly began to panic and expect the worst when an unknown vehicle slowed to a stop outside her house last Tuesday night.

“Who is that?” she whispered to herself, preemptively unlocking her cell phone just in case she had to quickly dial 911. “Did I lock the front door?”

“I don’t know anyone who drives a car like that,” she said, trying to figure out how quickly she could get to the kitchen and grab a steak knife if she needed to defend herself. “What could they want with me at this time of night?”

“Oh they’re just turning around,” Stevenson assured herself when she saw the Nissan Rogue back out of the driveway and creep down the street. “But they could also be burglars casing my house, just like I saw in that Dateline episode.

“I better stay awake for a while in case they come back.”

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