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Lonely Mom Refers To Teenage Son's Friends As "Her Boys"

Published Friday, March 11th, 2016

Waking up early to pack her son Jeremy a snack to share with his friends after soccer practice, Elizabeth Davis is constantly referring to her son’s friends as, “her boys.”

“Mrs. D is the coolest,” said Gavin Mackenzie, a local ninth grader who spends most of his free time at the Davis residence. “Whenever I go to Jeremy’s house after school, she has Totino’s Pizza Rolls waiting for us. We don’t even have to ask.”

“Jeremy’s mom isn’t like other moms," added Caden Stuart, one of Jeremy’s friends from biology class. "She texts me all the time. Sometimes even during the school day, just to see how I’m doing.”

Davis greatly cherishes the attention she gets from Jeremy’s friends, reportedly even telling them to feel free to call her “mom.” “Nothing makes me happier than making sure my boys are having a good time,” said Davis. “If that means letting Jeremy’s friends come over after 10 p.m. and turning a blind eye when they want to watch R rated movies, then I’m happy to do it.”

At press time, Davis was reportedly seen scrolling through Facebook, looking at pictures of old sorority sisters she hasn’t spoken to in years and liking all of Jeremy’s friend’s statuses.

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