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Man Playing Chess In Public Park Must Be Full Of Wisdom

Published Friday, October 26th, 2018

Passing by local man Albert Livingston while he quietly played chess at a picnic table in the park, parkgoer Marcia Esposito came to the conclusion that Livingston must have decades of wisdom to share with the world. “Look at him, what a wise old man he must be,” whispered Esposito, awestruck by Livingston’s thoughtful dedication to his solitary game of chess. “Just imagine the years upon years of life experience that led him to bring a chess board to this park and play a game by himself. You don’t do that sort of thing if you haven’t already seen it all. I can’t even begin to comprehend the sage advice and war stories he could share if someone would just sit and play chess with him — it’s absolutely breathtaking.” Esposito was similarly impressed by the seemingly boundless knowledge radiating from another old man reading a newspaper on a park bench nearby.

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