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Man Preparing To Go On Rollercoaster Can’t Decide If Need To Pee Is Real This Time

Published Friday, December 9th, 2016

Standing in line for the Intimidator Goliath 305, area man Kevin Montanari can’t tell if his desperate need to pee is real this time. “Twenty minutes ago I was in line for the Cannibal Fury 460 and I left the line to go pee but it turns out it was just fear pee” Montanari explained while nervously hopping from foot to foot and crouching down a little bit to relieve bladder pressure. “As soon as I got in the stall I knew it was just the knowledge of the quadruple loop-the-loop making me think I needed to pee and not the real thing. I didn’t make it back in time and missed the whole ride. My buddy Josh was so dizzy he threw up. I’m so bummed I missed it. I never want to let my bladder trick me like that again.” After the Intimidator Goliath 305, Kevin was seen confidently chugging an extra-large Diet Mountain dew and buying twenty more ride tickets.

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