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Men’s Crew Members Announce Plans To Tower Over You

Published Friday, December 7th, 2018

In a press conference held last Friday, the Brown men’s crew team announced their plans to tower over you.

“If a member of our team is near you," said captain Javier Sel, "You can count on being dwarfed by them. We’ll tower over you wherever and whenever. Standing in line? We’ll block your view of the front. Walking around on the green? You’ll see our shadow pass over you before you actually catch a glimpse of us. Basically if we aren’t busy ducking under a doorway, we’ll be around to tower over you.”

The team stated that in addition to towering, they plan to loom, overlook, and survey.

“Look, there’s no two ways about it: we’re big boys," Sel continued. “We like to stand various places in our layered technical fabrics and be tall.”

“And before anyone asks us how the weather is up here, it’s great because of our sick-ass university-issued Patagonia Synchilla fleeces.”

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