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"Mind If I Sit With You?" Dean Zia Asks Group Of Students At GCB

Published Friday, March 6th, 2020

In an effort to reach out to students where they are, Dean of the College Rashid Zia ’01 reportedly asked to sit with a group of students drinking at the Graduate Center Bar on Tuesday night.

“Got room for one more here?” Zia asked, scooching a chair up to the table of juniors getting trashed on a pitcher of Narragansett. “I’m Rashid, nice to meet you. What are you all studying?”

Sources report that Zia spent the night milling around the bar to experience student life alongside students themselves while gauging their opinions on academics at Brown.

“I definitely felt like the Open Curriculum defined my own studies here at Brown,” Zia said to a group of drunk seniors playing pool, chugging another Corona to keep up. “How about you guys? Would you say academic freedom has been an important part of your Brown education?”

At press time, Zia was seen encouraging some students to venture outside their concentrations while downing a string of tequila shots with them.

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