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Modern Day Goof Keeps 3D-Printing His Butt

Published Friday, December 9th, 2016

Giggling as he adjusted the print settings on his 3D-printer, modern day goof Jeff Mellman spent all day Friday 3D-printing copies of his butt. “To me, there is nothing funnier than giving that classic prank a 21st century upgrade” said Mellman, adding that he plans on placing his sleeping friend’s hand in a warm glass of Soylent later. “Last year, I coded an iOS app that looks exactly like a can of peanut brittle, and when you swipe left on the screen the cap comes off and a bunch of animated snakes fly out. It gets huge laughs every time and only costs 99 cents in the App Store.” At press time, Mellman was seen using a drone to place a Whoopie cushion on his coworker’s chair.

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