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POINT: A Renewed Interest In Pseudoscience Is Dangerously Eroding Shared Notions Of Truth / COUNTERPOINT: You’re Such A Virgo!

Published Friday, February 5th, 2021

POINT: A Renewed Interest In Pseudoscience Is Dangerously Eroding Shared Notions Of Truth by Dr. Lucy Keane

Pseudoscientific beliefs are on the rise across all demographics in this country, and with it comes the total collapse of our shared notions of truth. Pair that with rising anti-intellectualism more broadly and we’ve got a very dangerous situation on our hands.

Joe Biden promised to be a president who listens to the science, but how will he be able to do so when trust in the scientific process and community is at such a dangerous low? How can we vaccinate against disease? How can we debunk violent conspiracy theories? From anti-GMO conspiracies on the left to climate change denial on the right, this is an issue that cuts across all demographics.

While a fun personality quiz like the Meyers-Briggs test is not nearly as dangerous as QAnon, one must understand that belief in both stems from the same pseudoscientific urge. Their correlated rise in popularity should be striking. It’s fine to dabble in unverifiable beliefs every now and again, but be wary of the desire to take it too seriously.

Trust the science and help your friends and neighbors be critical of dogma. The truth needs us to foster it.

COUNTERPOINT: You’re Such A Virgo! By Allen Miller

Yes! So much this. Pseudoscience has got to go. Any chance you’re a Virgo?

I’ve got an eye for these kinds of things. I mean, just from that little speech, I got such Virgo vibes. From the way your ideas were organized I can totally tell you’ve got the blend of creativity and hard-working personality I’d expect from someone born in September.

Anyway, yes, the truth is so important and it’s really great that you advocate for it. Major props! It’s so good to care about things like science. Let me guess, you’re Capricorn moon? I can tell you’re tenacious, but be careful not to let your stubbornness get in the way of your relationships!

You’re so right that we need to heal as a nation. Great observation! That’s why I just bought the most amazing amethyst healing crystal from this very wise man who sits at a folding table on my street corner. Let me give you his DVD; you’ll learn a lot. And learning is so important!

I would love for you to guide me on this spiritual journey to end pseudoscience! What can I do to help you foster truth? What essential oils are best for saving democracy? Oh and what time were you born?

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