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Pathetic Stock Image Just Word Spelled Out In Scrabble Tiles

Published Friday, March 12th, 2021

Sources report that a recently released stock image pathetically uses Scrabble tiles to spell out the concept “strength.”

“I thought, how can I show strength in a photo?” explained photographer Jen Lewis after releasing the dry, uninspiring image last Saturday, evidently unaware of the numerous non-Scrabble possibilities that could convey the concept. “It was constantly on my mind — while helping others, overcoming obstacles, even weightlifting. Then one day it hit me: I could show strength in a photo by spelling out the word ‘strength’ in a photo.”

“As I arranged the tiles, I asked myself if there was anything I could do to enhance the image. There wasn’t,” said Lewis, reminiscing about her decision to represent the rather concrete concept “strength” with Scrabble tiles rather than a man flexing his bicep or a group of children jumping in the air. “I always follow the show-don’t-tell doctrine. I show the word to the viewer, and since they read it silently I’m not telling them anything.”

At press time, a lazy stock image for diversity was just a ring of interlocked hands.

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