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Polyamorous Soft Launch Just Group Photo

Published Friday, March 15th, 2024

Reports indicate that a recent soft launch from a polycule was just a group photo.

“We wanted to be subtle, but still get the message across to everyone, specifically all nineteen of my exes,” said Amanda Robertson, who is pictured with her arms around two others to indicate perceptible but ambiguous levels of intimacy.

“When I met the loves of my life, I knew I couldn’t keep it totally on the down-low, but I was also really nervous to put it all out in the open like this,” added Robertson, referring to a profoundly mundane group photo that could just as easily be from a class reunion or employee birthday party.

“I’m a little worried it’s too obvious that we’re a polycule,” said Robertson, who looks like she might plausibly be related to half of the people in the photo. “But also I kind of want people to know.”

At press time, Genghis Khan’s soft launch was just a map.

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