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Report: Everything On The Street Suddenly Super Interesting When Someone You Sort Of Know Is Walking Toward You | May 03 2024

A recent report has found that everything on the street suddenly becomes super interesting when someone you sort of know is walking toward you. “When a vague acquaintance is headed your way, the sidewalk actually becomes 500 percent more interesting,” said Dan Chamberlain, the lead psychologist conducting the study.

Crew Team Gonna Lose Their Shit When They Hear About Boats With Motors | May 03 2024

Reports indicate that the Crew team is probably gonna lose their shit when they hear about boats that have motors. “They’re going to go ballistic when they learn that all this rowing could have been avoided with something as simple as an outboard motor,” said David Harper, a local nautical expert.

Freak Of Nature Who Would’ve Been Driven To The Hills In The Dark Ages Now Averaging Triple-Double | May 03 2024

According to sources, David Holloway, a freak of nature who certainly would’ve been driven to the hills in the dark ages, is now averaging a triple-double in his sixth NBA season. “He’s an absolute goliath who no doubt would’ve been chased into the hinterlands with pitchforks and torches if this were the dark ages,” said Brian Winthrop, a local basketball fan.

Spider Strutting Around On Ceiling Like He’s The One Paying The Fucking Bills | May 03 2024

Sources from the ceiling indicate that a local spider is strutting around up there like he’s the one paying the fucking bills. “He’s just swaggering around like he owns the place,” said apartment resident Adam Barnett, watching the confident arachnid parade around on the ceiling as if he were the sole provider for everyone living in the household.

Raytheon Whistleblower Dies Of Self-Inflicted Drone Strike | May 03 2024

A former Raytheon employee known for raising concerns about the ethicality of the firm’s business has been found dead from a self-inflicted drone strike. “Tragically, it appears John Greenberg decided to take his own life with a precision-guided strike,” said Carl Chase, lead investigator on the case.

POINT: Swiper, No Swiping! by Dora the Explorer / COUNTERPOINT: Know You Not My Name? by Swiper the Fox | May 03 2024

POINT: Swiper, No Swiping! by Dora the Explorer Swiper, no swiping! Say it with us! Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping! COUNTERPOINT: Know You Not My Name? by Swiper the Fox Are you so foolish as to taunt nominal determinism? Dare you charge me with a task paradoxical to my very existence, my discursive being? May the housefly not fly, the grasshopper not hop? How foolish you are to defy God’s logic! You and your anthropomorphic backpack, whatever cursed and malformed being that is, shall never stand against the power immanent in my name.

Giant Penis Made Of Snow Suggests Existence Of Giant Aroused Snowman Buried Underneath Main Green | Mar 15 2024

Archaeological reports from the Main Green indicate that the massive penis made of snow could, in fact, suggest the existence of an even more massive, aroused snowman buried underneath the ground. “We could be looking at something far, far bigger here,” said David Lippitt, professor of Archaeology, gesturing at the eight-foot tall phallus looming in front of Sayles Hall.

Polyamorous Soft Launch Just Group Photo | Mar 15 2024

Reports indicate that a recent soft launch from a polycule was just a group photo. “We wanted to be subtle, but still get the message across to everyone, specifically all nineteen of my exes,” said Amanda Robertson, who is pictured with her arms around two others to indicate perceptible but ambiguous levels of intimacy.

Desperate Beaver Eyeing Tall Man | Mar 15 2024

Sources indicate that a desperate beaver has been eyeing a local tall man. “Look, times are tough, and I don’t see any good fucking trees around here, okay?” said the beaver, who was seen somewhere near Crew house on Tuesday. “The other day, I bit into this stupid ‘tree’ with a rock in it, and guess what? It was made out of fucking metal,” added the beaver, whose plight starkly reveals tragic manmade change to our environment.

Imaginary Friend Wary Of Therapist | Mar 15 2024

Reports indicate that your imaginary friend is a bit wary of your therapist. “Who needs that silly therapist when you’ve got me?” asked the Imaginary Friend, standing in front of your computer as you tried to book an appointment. “I’ve always been here for you!” “When have I ever steered you down the wrong path?” asked the Imaginary Friend, who had in fact steered you down the wrong path on many occasions.

Paxson Agrees To Listen To Students With Complaints So Long As They Stand On This Giant Trap Door | Mar 15 2024

University President Christina Paxson recently announced that she is totally open to hearing students with complaints, so long as they stand on this giant trap door. “Come right on in!” Paxson said, grinning next to a giant lever. “I’m wholeheartedly devoted to ensuring students feel seen, heard, and listened to, and I think the best place for them to do that is right on this big red X—yes, just right there, now hold still.” “I want these students to know that the University has long-established mechanisms to formally make suggestions and complaints,” Paxson added, clasping the lever for the long-established mechanism that sends those pesky students down to the chasm of doom.

Shitty Hamster Doesn’t Even Explode | Feb 16 2024

Sources report that this shitty hamster doesn’t even explode. “What the heck! I left all these dangerous chemicals around him. When I got back from school, I expected to find, like, blood and guts all over the walls of his little cage,” said Cassidy Greenbaum, a local middle schooler.

Man Still Hasn’t Found Sexy Way To Remove Socks During Sex | Feb 16 2024

According to sources, local man Bryan Davis still hasn’t found a sexy way to take off socks during sex. “Hehe, it would be weird if I kept these guys on, right?” said Davis during a recent hookup, fluttering his eyelashes as he fumbled with his Nike ankle socks.

Brown Department Of Evil Studies Unveils New 3,000 Year Curse | Feb 16 2024

Yesterday, Brown University’s Department of Evil Studies announced a new 3,000 year curse. “Thanks to generous gifts from donors, a successful fundraising campaign, and this ancient chest inscribed with arcane runes, we’ve been able to acquire a new curse,” said Donald Wright, chair of Evil Studies, sitting on a throne of knives.

You Look Like Absolute Dogshit Today by Reflective Window on BioMed Building | Dec 08 2023

Hey you, yes you, don’t think I don’t see your ugly mug trying to sneak past me unnoticed. Don’t think I’d miss such an absolute mess of a human scampering by me on their way to their silly little class. Just in case you were wondering, the wind has fucked your hair up, and your shirt has a stain on it.

Report: Dad Just Gonna Stay Out of This One | Dec 08 2023

Sources indicate that Dad is planning to just stay out of this one. “Welp, I’m just gonna sit over here while you two figure that out,” said Dad, slapping both hands on his thighs and leaning back in his chair. “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” At one point, Dad chimed in and said, “That’s ridiculous,” then refused to elaborate on what he meant and got a phone call from his friend Barry, which he answered on speakerphone.

Pubes Over-Optimistically Shaved | Dec 08 2023

This Friday, Freshman David Bowers decided it was time to shave his pubes before going out since you never know what might happen. “I’ve gotta be all spruced up down there for all the sex I’m gonna have because I’ll be having sex, because I have sex,” said Bowers, who in fact would not be having any sex.

Villain Realizing Lair Inside Volcano Actually Kind Of Impractical | Dec 08 2023

Reports from an undisclosed island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean stated that local villain Dr. Malice was experiencing some regrets about his lair’s location. “You know, when I bought the place, I thought, ‘Hey, this will be intimidating, and, like, evil as fuck.’ But when the electricity bill is through the roof just to run the damn AC to keep it under 30,000 degrees in here, you realize perhaps an office space in Cranston might’ve been more affordable and practical,” said Malice over the sound of seven box fans running at full blast.

Tik Tok-Addicted Friend Using Youtube Shorts | Oct 27 2023

Sources report that local man Daniel Anderson has been attempting to use YouTube Shorts to wean himself off of TikTok. “I’m proud he’s making progress, at least,” said Anderson’s friend, Bryan Sanders. “But seeing him slowly descend to worse and worse copies of TikTok is sort of depressing.” “Every time I talk to him, he won’t listen unless he’s got some video of Minecraft parkour or a time lapse of someone making slime running in the background,” added Sanders.

Man Who Jumped In Front of Bullet For You Definitely Just Trying To Fuck | Oct 27 2023

Reports indicate that the man who saved you from that bullet was definitely just trying to sleep with you. In fact, he totally was checking you out while mid-air, and when he landed he was attempting to look super sexy, with all that blood and stuff.

Club Desperately Extends Application Deadline Until 2027 | Oct 27 2023

Brown Mergers and Acquisitions of Acquisitions Club recently announced it has moved its application deadline back to 2027. “Despite the incredibly high volume of interest and applications, we are generously extending our application deadline to November 2027,” said Jackson Wainscott III, club President, Vice President, Treasurer, Social Media Manager, and Director of Diversity Equity & Inclusion.

Platonic Male Friend Has Something Really Important To Tell You | Oct 27 2023

Reports indicate local platonic male friend Warren Laidlaw has been waiting for a long time to tell you something really, really important. “Hey, can we talk? ” asked Laidlaw, who is like a brother to you. “So, uh, I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I know we’ve been friends for a really long time." “And sometimes in life you just feel things, deep in your heart, these things that you know are true—and sometimes it’s risky to say how you really feel—and I’ve known you for so long and I feel like I really know you, like I can tell you anything,” continued Laidlaw, looking deep into your eyes in a platonic way.

Jo’s Renovation Inspires School To Make Countless Other Spaces Look Like Absolute Shit | Sep 22 2023

The recent overhaul of the dining area in Josiah’s has emboldened the University administration to explore options to make other beloved spaces on campus look like complete dog shit. “Josiah’s has always been adored by students, and its endearing 50s diner aesthetic was part of that, so we asked ourselves, ‘how can we turn it into a soulless hellscape instead?’” said Jerry Lurch, Deputy Vice President for Management of Facilities Management.

Report: Shirt’s Irony Lost | Sep 22 2023

According to sources, the ironic value of local man David Kuhlman’s “Live, Laugh, Love” shirt was lost on its viewers. “These suburban moms keep coming up to me and asking where I got it, or telling me it matches a sign they have in their kitchen or some other dumb shit,” said Kuhlman, appalled by the kindness and earnestness of the people his ironic shirt was supposed to be subtlety mocking.

Friendly Reminder Not Very Friendly | Sep 22 2023

Sources indicate that a recent office-wide email purporting to be a “friendly reminder” was in fact not very friendly. “I hope this email finds you well,” read the email, whose author actually did not give a damn if they found everyone well.

Report: Spider On Wall Won't Move If You Don't Smoosh It | May 12 2023

The latest reports indicate that the spider on your shower wall will not move as long as you don’t smoosh it. “You just keep showering right there, pal, and I won’t move a single leg,” said the spider perched directly across from your head.

Unclear if Grandma’s Facebook Hacked or She Just Really Interested in Candy Crush Saga Now | May 12 2023

Sources indicate that Grandma’s Facebook may have been compromised by malicious actors, or maybe she’s just on a big Candy Crush kick right now. “I became worried after receiving 35 notifications inviting me to play Candy Crush Saga,” said teen Ben Wallingford as he scrolled through his grandmother’s Facebook page.

Water Bottle Too Clangy | May 12 2023

Heads turned during a Tuesday morning lecture when freshman Kenzie Adams unsheathed a 128oz Hydro Flask from her backpack, releasing a series of chimes and clangs reminiscent of the Notre-Dame at Mass. “It sounded like she was dragging a wind chime through gravel,” said sophomore Aaron Banks, hoping his eardrums hadn’t been blown out from the sound of the water bottle being set down on a desk.

Report: Beer Pong Ball May Have Rolled Under That Thing | Dec 16 2022

According to a report released by experts in the Crew House basement on Saturday, the beer pong ball may have rolled under that thing over there. “I can’t find it and I looked all over,” the report outlined. “We might need to get, like, a broom or something and poke around under that big thing." When asked if he had seen the ball roll under the kind of grayish thing, a source standing next to the thing said, “I don’t know, man, maybe it’s under that other thing.” At press time, the report hypothesized that once the ball was found, it would likely be covered in some nasty-looking shit from under that thing..