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Professor Shopping Classes Can't Decide Which Ones To Teach

Published Friday, September 14th, 2018

As shopping period draws to a close, Professor Adlai Woodsworth reports that he is still having trouble choosing which courses to teach.

“A lot of classes overlap so it’s hard to make a schedule that works,” Woodsworth said, reviewing the courses in his CAB cart again. “I always try to let my students know when I’ll be leaving halfway through to go shop another course, but I still feel bad packing up all my stuff in the middle of class.”

Woodsworth reportedly wants to test out a variety of different courses before committing to anything.

“I shopped a really big lecture class this morning but think it could be boring to teach because it’ll be hard to engage with the students,” he explained while looking over the Critical Review to see what kind of assignments he’d have to grade if he taught the class. “But then again, if I teach a tiny seminar class, I’ll never be able to skip it because everyone would notice that I’d be gone.”

To make matters worse, Woodsworth noted that other professors have already snatched most of the spots in the capped courses he was considering.

“There’s only one instructor spot in most of these courses,” he complained while emailing the students in one class he liked to beg them for an override code. “I’m basically left with a few choices that I have no interest in teaching.”

At press time, Woodsworth admitted that, since he had been shopping so many classes, he had fallen behind on giving assignments to his students.

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