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Provost Locke Keeps Slipping Phrase “Group Hopping” Into Conversation In Hopes That It Will Catch On

Published Friday, April 9th, 2021

According to his colleagues in University Hall, Provost Richard Locke has been routinely slipping the phrase “group hopping” into casual conversation in the hopes that the phrase will catch on.

“I just saw some students on the Main Green, looks like they were doing some major group hopping,” Locke said to his assistant, eagerly analyzing their reaction to see if his newly-coined phrase had any staying potential. “And I heard some seniors were group hopping at Captain Seaweed's last weekend… I can’t believe it!”

Ever since debuting the phrase in a University-wide email condemning socialization with multiple groups, the Provost has been hopeful that it will be picked up by Brown students and staff.

“Anyone want to do a big group hop to lunch today?” Provost Locke emailed his coworkers, crossing his fingers that at least one person would acknowledge the fresh new slang phrase he made up yesterday. “I’d love some Mexican, maybe we could do some group hopping at Tortilla Flats?”

At press time, Locke started using the word "leapfrogging" to describe going to class.

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