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Red Bull Promotional Ad Pretty Cool, But It’s Still Just Red Bull

Published Friday, April 24th, 2015

Energy drink company Red Bull just announced a new multimillion-dollar ad campaign that is sure to impress, until you realize they’re just selling Red Bull. Sources report that Red Bull hired a professional stuntman to BASE jump through a ring of fire into the Grand Canyon, a truly impressive feat certainly diminished by the fact that it’s just being used to get people to buy Red Bull.

The promotional effort, which will take the form of TV spots, billboards, and online content is for sure impressive, it’s just that, at the end of day, nothing Red Bull does can be that interesting, you know? Because they sell energy drinks. That’s it.

Reportedly, the ad campaign will be used to roll out a brand new, unannounced flavor, which is exciting, I guess. Red Bull is hoping that this addition will help bolster sales among younger customers, although once you remember it’s a new flavor of Red Bull, you’re going to move on with your day.

Top executives at Red Bull have high hopes for their marketing plans of this boring drink. “We want to show people that Red Bull can take you where you never thought it was possible to go,” said Dietrich Mateschitz, echoing a sentiment that sounds so inspiring until you remember he’s talking about a caffeinated beverage. “Red Bull gives you wings.” C’mon.

Red Bull’s top competitor Monster Energy is also set to reveal a new ad campaign in the coming months, but don’t get too excited about it because those guys always disappoint. Monster Energy has the most booooring ads. They suck.

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