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Ref Always Trying To Impress Players With His Tricks

Published Friday, October 30th, 2015

Sources report that NBA referee Tom Jenkins is constantly interrupting gameplay in order to show everyone his cool tricks. Although Jenkins is repeatedly reprimanded by his fellow referees, he can’t help but whip out his cool moves everytime he comes in possession of the ball.

In his most recent game, after the ball went out of bounds, Jenkins quickly grabbed it and started dribbled it between his legs. After players demanded that he give up the ball so that play could be resumed, he bounced it off of one of their heads and caught it as it bounced back.

“Basketball is my life,” Jenkins said, balancing a ball on each of his index fingers. “I want to show these guys that even though I may not be six feet tall or super strong, I can hold my own on the court. I’m working on this new thing now called the pebble drop. I hope everyone likes it.”

On an average night, Jenkins can be seen practicing spinning the ball on his finger long before any players arrive. Once they do, he is known to run toward them and ask if they’ve ever seen a one-man alley oop before.

“Sure, he can be annoying at times,” said Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. “But you can’t fault a guy for loving basketball. I love basketball too. To be honest, I could probably do all the tricks that he does, but definitely not with as much spirit.”

Upon being asked to tone down his antics a bit by his fellow referees, Jenkins brought out a trampoline, threw a basketball high up in the air, jumped on the trampoline, caught and then dunked the ball in the net.

At press time, Jenkins was uploading his most recent stunt to YouTube.

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